I went to my parents’ house this weekend to get some medicine for a sinus infection and to see them. While there, we watched a little news. The news coverage at that particular moment happened to be about the genocide against christians in Iraq by a newer terrorist group called ISIS. If you haven’t read about it yet, go HERE and read a little. It was pretty shocking, but what shocked me more came later that evening.

I follow Jamie the Very Worst Missionary pretty religiously on facebook. If you’ve never read her blog, check it out. Well, yesterday’s post was pretty hilarious. (You can see it HERE) The videos on it were just hilariously cheesy. The caketopper was the trailer for “Christian Mingle,” the latest christian romantic comedy to make our friends see how cool it is it to be a christian. 


Are these the things christians really concern themselves with now? 

Now, I’m aware the Forever Bible company is actually a fraud and that the product isn’t real, but it was so cheesy that my brain couldn’t help but think this:

First World Christian Problem: I need a bible the won’t fall apart and won’t get wet when I take it to the pool.

Third World Christian Problem: I would like to have a bible, but they’re illegal in my country. If I can get one, and I’m caught with it, I could be killed. Oh, and I’m hungry.

Or this:

First World Christian Problem: I really want a husband to complete my life and he must be God’s absolute best in every way. And hot.

Third World Problem: I wanted to marry a man I loved someday after I finished school, but my parents arranged for me to marry a 45 year-old man. I’m 12.

Most of what people think are problems are not really problems. Problems are things like murder, rape, genocide, infanticide, persecution (the kind that involves jail and beatings and stuff, not that people won’t talk to you for being a christian), slavery, human trafficking, sexism against women and men, being afraid to leave your house because of the fear of crime in the streets, abuse of all kinds, kidnapping, hunger, and people dying due to poor health care and disease.

Sit down today and think about it: Are the things you call problems really problems? Are they hardships you will overcome? Or are they just mild inconveniences to your pretty nice life?

Yes, people have hard times. The economy still stinks, jobs are still hard to find, relationships are falling apart, people are cruel to each other, and we’re being crushed by our debt and our ineffective government. I’m not saying that whatever you’re going through isn’t important or isn’t going to be painful.

I’m simply saying that real problems, real suffering, are very different from the hardships of life in a developed nation. We still have a lot of things that make life much easier. And if things aren’t working for us, we can change them if we work hard enough to do so.

American Christians, please remember that there is real suffering in this world. There are people that need prayer for survival, as opposed to that fancy new ride or that “A” on tomorrow’s test. There is still injustice in the world that needs to change.

Work towards that change. Focus on being the light others need instead of worrying about the things you only think you need.

Contrary to American christian cultural beliefs, God never promised us health, wealth, wisdom, and prosperity.