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Hey everyone!

Well, I’ll be honest: I don’t know what I’m doing and I’m flying by the seat of my pants. I’ve wanted to start a blog for a long time, but wasn’t sure what to talk about. Recently, I realized what I wanted to talk about: living frugally and sustainably, getting out of debt without feeling deprived, and anything else I thought might be interesting (like the season finale of “Penny Dreadful,” which the word “surprising” does not describe well enough!)

Who am I?

Well, in short I’m a millenial that just moved back to the United States after living in Honduras for the last two years. I taught high school English while I was there and have just accepted another job teaching high school English at a public high school in Southern Indiana. I love food (especially the healthy but tasty kind, not the healthy but cardboard kind), a good story, learning languages, music that you can dance to, low-impact living, clothes, yoga and HIIT workouts, and hanging out with my friends or my brothers and their families. I have two brothers, an amazing sister-in-law,  and a niece and nephew that are possibly the most adorable children on the planet, but there’s no contest for that yet.

Just so we’re all clear, and because this happens a lot, my name is pronounced Ma-ree-sha. The “i” makes a long “e” sound.

I decided to start this blog when I realized that I would be moving back to the United States for a while and needed a new outlet for my writing, creativity, and in hopes of learning something new.

So, I think you’ve read enough already. I’ll give you a break until my next post tomorrow. Happy Saturday, everyone!